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   Sports Football AFC-South Houston Texans

   Sports Football AFC-South Indianapolis Colts

   Sports Football AFC-South Jacksonville Jaguars

   Sports Football AFC-South Tennessee Titans


   Sports Football AFC-East Buffalo Bills

   Sports Football AFC-East Miami Dolphins

   Sports Football AFC-East New England Patriots

   Sports Football AFC-East New York Jets


   Sports Football AFC-West Denver Broncos

   Sports Football AFC-West Kansas City Chiefs

   Sports Football AFC-West Oakland Raiders

   Sports Football AFC-West San Diego Chargers


   Sports Football NFC-North Chicago Bears

   Sports Football NFC-North Detroit Lions

   Sports Football NFC-North Green Bay Packers

   Sports Football NFC-North Minnesota Vikings


   Sports Football NFC-South Atlanta Falcons

   Sports Football NFC-South Carolina Panthers

   Sports Football NFC-South New Orleans Saints

   Sports Football NFC-South Tampa Bay Buccaneers


   Sports Football NFC-East Dallas Cowboys 

   Sports Football NFC-East New York Giants

   Sports Football NFC-East Philadelphia Eagles

   Sports Football NFC-East Washington Redskins


   Sports Football NFC-West Arizona Cardinals

   Sports Football NFC-West San Francisco 49ers

   Sports Football NFC-West Seattle Seahawks

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